Banking for Change.

Truly is a digital bank account that empowers you to live a sustainable life without turning it upside down. Analyse the carbon footprint of your purchases and do something good with every transaction.

For every sign up, we will plant one tree to reforest threatened regions.


Our Mission

Every day we are responsible for emitting greenhouse gases – but our impact remains unclear and hard to grasp. With Truly, you can track, analyse and understand your carbon footprint based on your transactions. Our mission is to empower you to make more sustainable choices in your everyday life.

Our offer

Join the waitlist.
Plant a tree.

Sign up to our waitlist to be one of the first to open an account with Truly. For every sign up, we will plant one tree on your behalf.


Trees planted by Truly members


Carbon offset


equal to the distance in a mid-size car


Join the dark green side

All your transactions in one place.

Truly offers you the convenience of a digital bank with all the features you have come to know and love – coupled with the security and trust of a regulated traditional bank.

Full control over every transaction.

With Truly, you get insights into the sustainability of each of your transactions for the first time. Understand what really matters and directly offset transaction specific emissions.

Do good with every payment.

For each CHF 100 spent with the Truly card and/or payment app, we will plant one tree on your behalf. The virtual forest lets you keep track of all the trees you have planted and gives you an overview of the projects you are supporting.

Track your carbon footprint.

The integrated carbon footprint analysis allows you to understand how sustainable your spending behaviour is in real-time. By using Truly you are able to lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

Offset your carbon footprint.

Although we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks to a sustainable lifestyle, we can not eliminate them entirely. To offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, Truly allows you to do so directly in the app by supporting a variety of certified projects.


How it works


Made in Switzerland 🇨🇭


Truly is backed by an established and Swiss-regulated bank.


All data is stored on Swiss servers to meet highest privacy standards.


Your deposits are protected by deposit insurance for an amount of up to CHF 100'000.

Fraud prevention

Advanced algorithms analyse every transaction and block it in case of suspected fraud.


All data is end-to-end encrypted during while transmitted and while in storage.


Our strong authentication system will protect your account from unauthorized access.

Ready to redefine banking? Join us.

Sign up and support us in achieving our mission to make banking more sustainable. Together we can make a difference.

For every sign up, we plant one tree to reforest threatened regions.

Support our mission

Let’s change the world together.

1. Sign up

Sign up to our waiting list to be the first to be invited when Truly launches. We’ll share updates on our progress periodically and invite you to share your feedback on our offering. (We won’t spam – promise)

2. Confirm your email

After subscribing to our waiting list we’ll send you a confirmation email to verify that you’re a real person. You’ll need to confirm your subscription to plant the tree.

3. We will plant one tree

Once you’ve confirmed your email subscription we’ll plant a tree on your behalf. You’ll receive a separate email confirmation with a certificate and information about your tree once it’s been planted.

4. Share us

Fighting climate change is a team effort and we’re counting on your help to support our mission. Sharing Truly with friends, family and acquaintances is the best way to help us in banking for change.


Question? Answer.

What is Truly?

Truly is a Switzerland-based neobank focused on helping people to become more sustainable. Our mission is to empower individuals to take climate action in their everyday lives and to keep them motivated in pursuing their sustainability efforts.

Is my money safe with Truly?

Truly will be partnering with a licensed and registered financial institution meaning that your money is as safe as it would be with any other bank. Deposits are insured up to CHF 100’000 and all data is stored on servers based in Switzerland.

What type of card do you offer?

Initially we’ll be offering a prepaid credit card which can be topped up manually or automatically.

What does Truly cost?

Nothing! We believe everyone should have the opportunity to support the environment so we’ve decided to offer Truly for free.

Why did you choose to plant trees?

As the largest plants on our planet, trees are vital. They provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and animate the world’s wildlife. It is vital that forests, rainforests and trees are conserved and sustainably managed worldwide. A study by ETH Zurich also confirms that there is no more effective way to combat climate change than reforestation.

Where do you plant trees?

With help from our friends at Tree Nation we plant your trees across the globe in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, and many other countries. In the future, we plan to allow you to select your home country as your trees’ home, giving you the chance to lead the change in your own community.

When is Truly launching?

We are working tirelessly to get our Truly product up and running as soon as possible. Join our community and don’t miss a single step in our development. We will keep you updated via our waiting list and social media channels.

How can I support Truly?

The best way you can support us is by joining the cause we are so passionate about. Being a member of our community, having the opportunity to set the standard in sustainability for yourself and your friends without disrupting your lifestyle, is how you can lead the change for our shared mission.

Is Truly a Bank?

No, Truly is not a bank nor does it hold a banking or any other kind of license that would allow it to operate as a bank or directly accept funds from clients. Instead, Truly is partnering with an established bank that already holds a banking license. Once we launch any client funds will be held by our partner bank and not Truly.

Is Truly a regulated entity?

No, Truly is currently neither regulated nor supervised by a government body or regulator. At this time Truly does not seek to open client accounts or accept funds from clients. Instead Truly is partnering with a bank that does already hold a banking license.

Where is Truly based?

Truly is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. We currently work out of the Startup-Lab run by the University of St.Gallen (HSG). For clarity, Truly is not affiliated with the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

Still have questions?

Want to know more about Truly? Do you have feedback on our app? Did we miss a feature you’d like to see implemented?

We value your feedback, comments and feature requests very highly. Feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

You can reach us via the “Contact us” button or via